In today’s digital age, artificial intelligence has advanced to the point where we can have meaningful interactions with chatbots like ChatGPT. These interactions can range from casual conversations to seeking assistance with various tasks. One important aspect of utilizing AI is asking objective questions. In this article, we will guide you through the steps to effectively ask objective questions to ChatGPT and receive accurate responses.

Step 1: Type the Question

The first step in asking an objective question is to clearly formulate the question you want to ask. Be precise and concise in your wording, making sure that the question is specific enough for the AI to understand what you’re seeking. Whether it’s a fact-based query or a decision-making scenario, a well-constructed question sets the foundation for a successful interaction.

For example, if you want to know the capital of France, a simple question like “What is the capital of France?” will suffice.

Step 2: Write the Options

Sometimes, your question might involve selecting from a set of options. To ensure accuracy in the response, provide the AI with the potential answers to your question. This step is particularly useful when you’re seeking information that has multiple possible outcomes.

Continuing with the example of asking about the capital of France, you can present the options as follows:
A) Paris
B) London
C) Berlin
D) Rome

Step 3: Ask it to Choose the Right Answer

Now that you’ve laid out the question and the options, instruct ChatGPT to select the correct answer among the provided choices. You can structure your query in a way that explicitly asks the AI to identify the accurate response.

“Please choose the correct answer from the following options: A) Paris, B) London, C) Berlin, D) Rome.”

This step ensures that the AI focuses its response on choosing the right option based on the information you’ve provided.

Step 4: Ask it to Explain Why

To deepen your understanding and engage in a meaningful conversation, it’s beneficial to ask ChatGPT to explain the reasoning behind its chosen answer. This step not only helps you verify the AI’s accuracy but also provides valuable insights into the decision-making process.

Following the previous example, you can prompt the AI to explain its choice:

“Why did you choose option A) Paris as the correct answer?”

By asking for an explanation, you encourage the AI to provide context, thereby increasing the transparency and reliability of its response.

EXAMPLE: “Choose the right option for the question ‘What is the derivative of x^2? with the following options (a) 2x (b)x^2 (c) x/2 (d)x^(1/2).’ State the reason for your answer”


Asking objective questions to ChatGPT involves a structured approach that begins with formulating a clear question and providing options, followed by instructing the AI to select the correct answer and explaining its rationale. By following these steps, you can enhance your interactions with AI and extract accurate and insightful information. Remember, the quality of your question greatly influences the quality of the AI’s response, so take the time to craft your queries thoughtfully for a more productive and informative experience.

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